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FurKids is Georgia’s largest no-kill animal shelter. With the help of over 1,000 volunteers, FurKids runs two shelters, 13 adoption centers, and three thrift stores.  

Volunteer for a better


The FurKids volunteer management mobile application keeps volunteers connected and engaged, while shifting the record keeping to a central database. 

With a team as large as FurKids has, it’s hard to track individual volunteers’ contributions. Hours are logged on paper, but not entered into a central database, and the organization has no way to provide regular recognition for the volunteers that make everything possible.


After conducting some field research, I interviewed several volunteers and sent out a survey to get to know the users.

Pain Points:

•  Too many emails

•  Feeling disconnected from the main shelter

•  Feeling left out of the adoption process

•  No-shows


•  Doing something good for the community

•  Helping animals

•  Personal enjoyment

Competitive Research

(Volunteer Management Software)

Comparative Research

(Employee Scheduling Software)


After researching the options currently available on the market and synthesizing my user data, I developed a list of features to address the user pain points, as well as the organization’s needs.

•  Logging Hours

•  Schedule

•  Availability

•  Direct Messaging

•  Group Messaging

•  Recognition




High fidelity prototype.


Each of these steps was prototyped and followed with usability testing, then iterated on based on feedback.

Check out the prototype:

Next Steps.

I went back and updated the user interface for several key screens as a personal project.

In addition to the visual changes, the redesign includes interaction updates as well:

  • Bottom Navigation Bar

  • Cards for Volunteer Openings

  • Searchable Directory

  • Checkboxes Instead of Toggles

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