UX Designer & Researcher

Passionate User Advocate

About Me

Hi, I'm Cat, an Atlanta-based User Experience Designer & Researcher. 

Currently, I work at small agency designing exciting projects for all kinds of clients, including web and mobile apps, websites, a kiosk design, and even a service design research project. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss my experience.

My favorite part of UX design and research is working directly with users. Interviews, ethnographic research, and usability testing are some of my favorite activities. If I could design my dream position, it would definitely include more face-time with users.

Pre-pandemic, I spent a lot of time learning, sharing, and networking at local UX Meetups and events, but lately I've been making more time for my hobbies. I'm looking forward to in-person events ramping up again, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the extra time I've had for making things like matching quilted coats for me and my cat (pictured).