About Me

Hi, I'm Cat, an Atlanta-based User Experience Designer. 

I'm a creative, empathetic, and energetic team-player, with a passion for design. My work is motivated by the belief that interactions with technology should engage and delight the user, and that there is no room for confusion or frustration in a well-designed interface. 

I started on my path to UX Design in college as a Biology major (of course, I didn't realize it at the time!). I really enjoy the scientific process: identifying a question, researching the topic, designing an experiment, collecting data, and finally, evaluating the hypothesis based on the findings. It appeals to my analytical side!

Later on, I discovered that I have a talent for creative work, and began pursuing outlets for that talent in my personal and professional life. I started taking calligraphy and painting classes, and enjoyed spending my free time working on artistic projects. 


Professionally, I positioned myself as the go-to person for presentation design and event planning, and became involved with marketing and graphic design.

Now, I've combined my love of research and visual design into a career as a UX Designer. I love being able to put my whole-self into a project, and the sense of fulfillment I get from what I do is immeasurable.